White Labs English Ale Yeast - WLP002

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This classic ESB strain from White Labs originates from one of England’s biggest independent breweries. Though traditionally it is used for English-style ales like milds, bitters, porters, and stouts, it is also excellent for American-style pale ales and IPAs. The residual sweetness brings out the malt character, plus the mild fruity esters, which adds complexity to the flavor and aroma of finished beers. It is common for this yeast to look coagulated, and slight diacetyl production is also common. Because of this strain’s high flocculation, the beer will finish clear and the yeast can easily be harvested from the fermenter for future use.

Attenuation: 63-70%

Flocculation: Very High
Alcohol Tolerance: 5-10% ABV
Optimum Ferm Temp: 65-68˚F

Recommended Styles: American IPA, Blonde Ale, Brown Ale, Double IPA, English Bitter, English IPA, Hazy/Juicy IPA, Imperial Stout, Old Ale, Pale Ale, Porter, Red Ale, Stout

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