Wyeast Bavarian Wheat Yeast - 3638

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Wyeast's Bavarian Wheat strain is a complex alternative to the traditional German wheat strain profile, producing apple, plum and pear esters with a dominant banana character. Complemented by clove and vanilla phenolics, raising the fermentation temperature will manipulate this balance towards ester production, increasing the wort density and decreasing the pitch rate. Over pitching can almost totally deplete the banana character. For a higher clove character, decrease the ester level. It is common for sulfur to be produced, but will dissipate with conditioning. This powdery strain will remain suspended for a long time after attenuation. This true top cropping yeast requires fermentor headspace of 33%.

Attenuation: 70-76%
Flocculation: Low
Alcohol Tolerance: 10% ABV
Optimum Ferm Temp: 64-75˚F

Recommended Styles: Weissbier, Weizenbock, Dunkles Weissbier, Roggenbier

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