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Wyeast's Belgian Lambic Blend contains important cultures and bacteria for the spontaneous fermentation of beers from the Lambic region. Brewed in Brussels, specific proportions of a Belgian style ale strain, a sherry strain, two Brettanomyces strains, a Lactobacillus culture, and a Pediococcus culture produce the desirable flavor components of these beers. Thanks to the super-attenuative nature of the cultures, this blend will produce a very dry beer. Propagation of this culture is not recommended as it will result in a change of the proportions of the individual components. 

Flocculation: Varies
Attenuation: 70-80%
Temperature Range: 63-75° F
Alcohol Tolerance: approximately 11% ABV

Recommended Styles: Belgian Pale Ale, Belgian Dubbel, Belgian Tripel, Belgian Golden Strong Ale, Belgian Dark Strong Ale, Belgian Blond Ale, Oud Borin, Belgian IPA

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