• PureCrop1 PureCrop1 Insecticide and Fungicide - 64 oz
  • PureCrop1 PureCrop1 Insecticide and Fungicide - 64 oz

PureCrop1 Insecticide and Fungicide - 64 oz

PureCrop1 is an OMRI listed organic pesticide, fungicide, and biostimulant that addresses a number of insects, molds, mildews, and improves plants’ natural ability to fight pests and disease. Naturally derived and incredibly soft on plants/people.
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PureCrop1 is a newcomer to the Organic Gardening industry but it’s sure to become a staple in years to come.  PureCrop1 is an OMRI Certified Organic plant derived pesticide/fungicide/surfactant/biostimulant product all in one.  Sound like magic? That’s the magic of science! Comprised of plant-based ingredients, the mode of action here is not what it may seem.  The active ingredients are corn and soybean oil but this product does not work by smothering or desiccation.  Instead, a rearrangement of the colloidal micelle in this product results in a change in the electrical charge of the compounds. 

This results in micelle that comes in between 1-4 nanometers and is capable of passing into an insects digestive system.  Once it has made its way into the insect it is attracted to their gut bacteria and disrupt their digestion resulting in death.  This does not harm beneficial insects as they have a different biochemistry that the micelle is not attracted to. This same mode of action allows PureCrop1 to act on mold and mildew spores. 

An added benefit to using PureCrop1 is the fact that it naturally acts as a surfactant and nutrient carrier as well as increasing sugar levels in the plants it is applied to.  This means that your plants are improving their own defenses internally while you’re addressing things externally.  Also, since this product is naturally derived it is completely biodegradable and features an unheard of zero REI and PHI.  It is also FIFRA 25(b) exempt and is not required to reported when used on crops. 


  • 100% plant based
  • OMRI Approved for Organic Gardening
  • Lab tests come back clean in parts per billion
  • Use up to day of harvest
  • No phytotoxicity
  • No impact on color/flavor of crops
  • Targets all sap sucking insects, mold, mildew, and bacteria feeding on plants
  • Increases sugar content in plants


  • Zero REI
  • Zero PHI
  • FIFRA 25(b) exemption
  • NSF certified food safe
  • Doesn’t harm beneficial insects
  • Safe around people, pets, livestock, and the environment.

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