About us

Fifth Season Gardening Company began in 2000 with the opening of Asheville Agricultural Systems in Asheville, NC, followed by stores in Durham, NC in 2002 and Greensboro, NC in 2004, both under the Carolina Hydrogardens name. In 2006, we merged our locations under a single name, and Fifth Season Gardening Company was born.  Thanks to our loyal customers, we continued to grow, buying Garden Waves of Raleigh in 2007 and opening our fifth location in Charlottesville, VA in 2009.  We also kept expanding our product offerings to better serve our community.  In 2008, in addition to our traditional offerings of hydroponic and organic gardening supplies, we began carrying beer and wine making products.  Since then, we have added supplies for cheese making, vinegar making, canning, fermentation, and a host of other areas collectively known as Urban D.I.Y.

Despite our multiple locations, we are a small family business with the same two owners and twenty-year roots in North Carolina, and we pride ourselves on our history of excellent customer service and commitment to the varied needs of indoor gardeners, organic growers, and do-it-yourself folks of all kinds.

Ever since our humble beginnings, we have grown and learned from our successes and mistakes. Our diverse clientele includes hydroponic hobbyists, commercial and home brewers, organic farmers, orchid growers, agriculture professionals, three universities, and even gardeners who set state fair records for pumpkins and watermelons!

Learning from and with these customers, we feel that we provide the vital element not found at many other gardening stores today: knowledge. Whether you have questions about OMRI certification, simple hydroponic systems, lighting plans, hop varieties, container gardening, or the best way to attract bats, we are dedicated to trouble shooting problems and answering questions about your plants, grow systems, and beer.

At Fifth Season Gardening Company, we feel as though we can make a difference in our community, state and nation by educating people on the practices of organic and hydroponic agriculture. Organic and hydroponic gardening can reduce water usage, increase yields, reduce pest and disease problems, replenish dead soil and increase microbial life, thereby stimulating long-term and sustainable plant production. We have always felt that by sharing and passing along our knowledge, we will leave the world better than we found it.