• Mushroom Mountain Wild Hot Shiitake Plug Spawn - 100 count
  • Mushroom Mountain Wild Hot Shiitake Plug Spawn - 100 count

Wild Hot Shiitake Plug Spawn - 100 count

Shiitakes are one of the easiest strains of mushrooms for beginners! They fruit heavily, tolerate a wide range of conditions, and taste great! The 'Wild Hot' strain is perfect for our Southeastern Summers.
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Shiitakes are probably the best mushroom for beginners to try given their acceptance of a wide range of conditions and ability to fruit heavily without much care.  This Wild Hot strain was selected from a large oak tree that had fallen at Warren Wilson College in the mountains of North Carolina!  It appears as though this strain is the offspring of a wild and commercial strain of shiitake that crossed at some point.  You'll notice some aesthetic differences and can expect the same great flavor, aroma, and texture!  This particular strain is perfect for our blazing hot Southeastern Summers and has been known to fruit at up to 105 ˚F!

Shiitakes are great fresh, dried, pickled, and more!  Meaty, savory, unctuous, and brimming with that particular character you only get from Shiitakes!  Don't hesitate to throw them in any dish OR cook them up on their own.  We love grilling them!

Fruiting Temperatures/Conditions
You're usually going to see fruiting with this strain in the mid-summer in the southeast as the preferred temperature range is 85-105˚F.  This is a great strain to grow with the Wide Range Shiitakes as you will be able to extend your fruiting period to practically year round!

Wood Types/Media
Grows well on the following logs: oak, walnut, sweet gum, alder, pecan, maple, cherry, sycamore, ironwood, tulip poplar, eucalyptus, chestnut, birch, ash, willow, and bitternut.  We do not recommend the following: any conifer, most fruit trees, elm, sassafras, hackberry, soft maples, dogwood, black locust, beech or hickory

Package contains 100 inoculated plugs. 

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