AC Infinity Heavy Duty Ratchet Light Hanger - 2 pack

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Asheville: 7
Carrboro: 5
Charlottesville: 6
Pittsboro Warehouse: 15


Ratchet style light hangers are a must for any indoor garden. They makes hanging reflectors, filters or other equipment an absolute breeze. Simply attach one of the  carabiners to a stable location, attach the other one to the item you want to hang, and then pull the hanging cord until you reach the desired height. Easy. Peasy. Lemon. Squeezy

  • Can hold up to 150 lbs (that's 75 lbs per ratchet, not 150 lbs per!)
  • The quick lock button allows you to loosen the rope and re-adjust to the desired height and then lock it in place. 
  • Comes with: 4 carabiner clips, 8 feet of tough braided polypropylene rope, and the two light riser bodies

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