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General Hydroponics pH Test Indicator - 8 oz
HM Digital PH-80 pH Pen
HM Digital HM Digital PH-80 pH Pen
In stock, 7 units
Bluelab KCI pH Probe Storage Solution - 120 ml
Mondi Mini Thermometer and HygrometerMondi Mini Thermometer and Hygrometer
Bluelab pH PenBluelab pH Pen
Bluelab Bluelab pH Pen
In stock, 12 units
Bluelab Conductivity PenBluelab Conductivity Pen
Bluelab Bluelab Conductivity Pen
In stock, 4 units
HM Digital EC/TDS HydroTester PenHM Digital EC/TDS HydroTester Pen
Bluelab Combo Meter
Bluelab Bluelab Combo Meter
In stock, 3 units
Bluelab Original Truncheon Nutrient MeterBluelab Original Truncheon Nutrient Meter
Bluelab Multimedia pH Meter with Leap pH Probe
Active Eye LED Illuminated Microscope - 100xActive Eye LED Illuminated Microscope - 100x

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