Cole's Hot Meats

Size: 5 lb
Location 5 lb 10 lb
Asheville: 2 3
Carrboro: 4 3
Charlottesville: 7 0
Pittsboro Warehouse: 18 5


Richard and Nancy Cole started Cole’s in the early 1980’s and they’re still family owned and operated to this day. Cole’s Bird Feeds are specifically formulated to contain only what birds need and want, no fillers here! They utilize top quality ingredients in order to maximize the variety of birds at your feeder and their health.

Coles Hot Meats bird feed uses science to deter squirrels and other pests from your bird feeders!  You see, birds and chili peppers have a history together, so to speak. Chilis and other peppers rely on birds to spread their seeds and, as such, birds have no sensitivity to the heat but mammals do!  A great, no-mess feed that is high in vitamins A & D, carotene, and other valuable nutrients. Loved by Cardinals and Bluebirds.

Attracted Species: All sunflower loving songbirds

Feeder Types: Most any type of feeder, great in tube or hopper feeders

Ingredients: Sunflower Meats, Liquid Habanero Chili Peppers, Safflower Oil



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