Mosser Lee Long Fibered Sphagnum Moss - 432 cubic inches

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Asheville: 6
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Pittsboro Warehouse: 40


Long Fibered Sphagnum moss is one of nature’s most valuable gifts to gardeners. It is a renewable resource that comes from the sphagnum moss plant.  Mosser Lee's sphagnum moss is harvested from the vast Wisconsin marshes and is then dried and hand packaged. Sphagnum moss and peat moss are very different products.  Sphagnum moss is harvested from new growth on the moss plant and is a renewable and sustainable product.  Peat moss is the decomposed byproduct of sphagnum moss and is quite different.  Sphagnum moss absorbs and retains 20 times its weight in water, twice as much as a cellulose sponge.  It is an excellent growing media and is 100% natural and  organic. It can be used to grow orchids, carnivorous plants, add to a soil mix, create moss poles for tropicals, and much more.

432 cubic inch package = .25 cubic feet.  

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