Briess Flaked Wheat

Size: lb
Location oz lb 10 lb
Asheville: 0 5 0
Carrboro: 7 6 0
Charlottesville: -8 0 0
Pittsboro Warehouse: 0 5 0


Briess Flaked Wheat is made from Soft Red Wheat and has applications as both a replacement for standard wheat malt and as a stand-alone specialty grain. Flaked Wheat is made from unmalted wheat that has been steamed and rolled into flakes. This process gelatinizes the starches and makes them available to the enzymes present in the mash. However, since Flaked wheat is unmalted it does not contain the enzymes necessary for conversion so it will need to be mashed with other grains. There’s no need to mill Flaked Wheat as the carbohydrates are readily available in the flaked form, but it can be milled if necessary. Flaked wheat can be used in place of wheat malt but it will contribute a different character if used in a large enough quantity. Flaked wheat will aid in head formation and retention, round out mouthfeel, contribute a lightly grainy/rustic character, and contribute some haze to the final product. This is an adjunct that is very often seen in Belgian White (Witbier) and Lambic style ales. Feel free to use Flaked Wheat at .5 to 1% of your grist as a means of aiding in foam development and retention or up to 40% of your recipe as a cereal grain.

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