Gambrinus Honey Malt

Size: lb
Location lb
Asheville: 6
Carrboro: 0
Charlottesville: 3
Pittsboro Warehouse: 5


Gambrinus’ Honey Malt is a super-specialty malt with no close substitutions. The closest comparison would be to Brumalt or maybe even Melanoidin malt given the contribution of rich malt characters. The Gambrinus Malting Co. is one of the smallest maltsters in North America and they are located in British Colombia, Canada. Honey Malt is produced from Canadian 2-row barley and it contributes a full and distinct malt sweetness to whatever styles it is added to. This grain is lacking the bitter and roasted characters that some other Caramel grains contain. Honey malt will add a golden hue to your beer and could be used at up to 10% of your grain bill.

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