Smart Pot Raised Bed Planter

Size: 6 ft
Location 6 ft 8 ft
Asheville: 6 4
Carrboro: 2 4
Charlottesville: 0 4
Pittsboro Warehouse: 0 8


Smart Pots are the original fabric planter and have been in use by professional tree growers for over 25 years. Well, since then the rest of the gardening world has become aware of there many benefits!  Smart Pots are made in the USA using a patented BPA free fabric design that promotes healthier root systems.  The fabric material allows for much higher aeration than traditional plastic pots.  This keeps roots cooler on hot days and decreases stress.  The porous material also promotes root pruning, a situation in which a root tip terminates and branches laterally.  This promotes a higher density root mass and allows for the plant to take up more nutrients.  

Gardening couldn't be easier with the Smart Pot Fabric Raised Bed Planters!  All you have to do is simply unfold them, lay them on the ground, and fill 'em up!  Raised Bed Gardening has never been simpler.  We've used Smart Pot Raised Beds for 6 or 7 years or more with absolutely no sign of wear or tear.  These work great for seasonal beds, annual beds, or perennial beds!  These beds are rectangular in shape with multiple supporting partitions. 


Length (ft)

Height (in)

Width (in)

Volume (gal)

6 ft




8 ft




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