Ceramic Compost Keepers

Color: Blue & White
Location Blue & White Red Black White
Asheville: 1 1 2 1
Carrboro: 2 2 0 1
Charlottesville: 0 2 0 1
Pittsboro Warehouse: 0 1 0 1


Composting is a great way to reduce your carbon impact and divert waste from landfills. These Ceramic Compost Bins are a thick and sturdy one gallon countertop composting receptacle. These units look great in your kitchen and can be used for storing veggie peels or scraps, egg shells, coffee grounds, table scraps, and clippings. Later you can transfer the contents of your compost keeper to your garden compost pile for longer term composting. 

The compost keeper works best as a temporary holding grounds for eventual transfer to a larger composter. We recommend using these in conjunction with the biodegradable compost bags to keep your bins nice and clean!

Includes a charcoal filter in the lid that should be replaced every 6 months to keep your compost from developing an odor. Also helps keep out fruit flies! Replacement filters available. Do not wash filter/get filter wet. Cannot be reused as the active charcoal will be spent. 

Measures: 10" x 7.75" x 6.25"
Capacity: 1 gallon


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