Active Air Clip Fan - 6 inch

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A compact design makes this clip fan perfect for tight spaces.  Set one up to add some air flow in your greenhouse, nursery, seed starting area, office, etc...   The clip is spring loaded and won't scratch or scar surfaces.  An adjustable head and wind speed allows you to point this just where you want it and choose how much air flow that area will receive.  Durable plastic blades and an easy to remove safety grill make it simple to maintain.

Increased air flow can help keep plants healthy by strengthening their stems, keeping stagnant air down, reducing fungal/disease pressures, and reducing the change for overwatering by promoting evaporation!  Fans also help reduce hot spots under light by moving the hot air around.  


  • 6" adjustable angle head that can spin 360˚
  • Variable speed settings - hi and low
  • Strong, spring-loaded clip for anchoring
  • Smooth, quiet operation
  • 120V/15W
  • 6' power cord

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