XL Exhale CO2 Bag

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The ExHale bag is made in the USA and uses a patented type of mushroom mycelium that creates a ton  of CO2 without ever producing fruiting bodies. This means that your activated bag will give off CO2 for 6 months straight. All without maintenance, electricity, or generated heat. 

CO2 is an often overlooked additive in your growing space.  Why introduce more CO2? It's in the air, right? Well, by increasing CO2 levels in your grow space you can increase your yields by up to 30% by increasing plant functions.  

- 9 months of CO2
- 1300 ppm
- Dimensions: 10" x 5" x 18"
- Weight: 11 lbs
- Rated for 6x6  sq ft or 288 cu ft

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