Down to Earth Organic Fish Bone Meal - 5 lb

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Down to Earth was founded by organic gardening enthusiast Jack Bates in the early 80’s.  Their focus was quality organic gardening ingredients that were sourced responsibly and sustainably.  Since their humble beginnings they have become one of the leading suppliers of natural and organic gardening products. 

Fish Bone Meal is a great alternative to conventional bone meal and an excellent source of phosphorus and calcium!  The P in NPK, phosphorus plays a vital role in plant growth and health as a macronutrient.  Most notably, phosphorus assists in root development, growth, and health as well as playing a critical role in the flowering process.  A stronger, more robust root system means that your plants will transplant better, take up more water, more nutrients, and be able to support more vegetative mass and flowers.  You'll get bigger carrots and potatoes, and your flowering plants will produce more blossoms more densely.   

NPK: 4-12-0
Derived from 100% Organic Fish Bone Meal 

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