Neptune's Harvest Organic Crab & Lobster Shell - 4 lb

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Neptune’s Harvest was established in 1965 and is still independently owned and operated. Their fertilizers are from fish caught in the North Atlantic and are comprised solely of organic inputs with no synthetic compounds. High in protein and nitrogen, stable, and free from that fishy odor, their products feed your soil so you get healthy plants.

Crab & Lobster Shell has a wide range of benefits and is great organic source of nutrients. Crab and lobster shell is high in Calcium and Magnesium and also has healthy Nitrogen and Phosphorous content. This makes it a great additive for tomatoes, vegetables, and other flowers. It also makes for beautiful lawns!  The shells also have a high chitin content and can deter snails and slugs around your plants!

We recommend working crab and lobster shell into your soil before plantings.  You can also top dress or broadcast it for good effect.  We personally use Neptune's Crab and Lobster shell in our company's indoor hemp grows with great results!

NPK: 5-3-0
Derived From: Crab and Lobster Shell Meal

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