FoxFarm Cultivation Nation Micro

Size: pt
Location pt qt gal
Asheville: 2 0 0
Carrboro: 2 3 1
Charlottesville: 3 1 0
Pittsboro Warehouse: 13 8 0


FoxFarm has been and still is independently owned and operated since their founding in 1984.  Their passion always was and will be producing the absolute finest soils and nutrients available on the market.  Consistency, uncompromising quality, and environmental responsibility are their core operating principles and for this reason they are one of the most highly regarded brands on the market today.

The Cultivation Nation 3-part liquid nutrient series is cost effective and designed to for use in soil, soilless media, and hydroponics from seedling all the way to harvest. These nutrients can also be used as stand-alone fertilizers if you have more specific growing needs to address. Cultivation Nation Micro supplies valuable micronutrients during both the vegetative and flowering phases of your plant's life cycle.  Give your plants every little bit they need to thrive with Micro!

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