FoxFarm Happy Frog Organic Japanese Maple Fertilizer - 4 lb

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FoxFarm has been and still is independently owned and operated since their founding in 1984.  Their passion always was and will be producing the absolute finest soils and nutrients available on the market.  Consistency, uncompromising quality, and environmental responsibility are their core operating principles and for this reason they are one of the most highly regarded brands on the market today.

This fertilizer is for Japanese maples, lilies, evergreens, hydrangeas, junipers, dogwoods, flowering ornamentals, and other low pH feeders. A unique blend of fertilizers and microorganisms, this product delivers nutrition to the roots, and the phosphorus and potassium support the needs of these beautiful trees. 

NPK: 4-3-4
Derived from alfalfa meal, fish bone meal, feather meal, sulfate of potash, elemental sulfur, fish meal, bone meal, and kelp meal. 

Also contains non-plant food ingredients in the form of beneficial soil microbes. 

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