Blumat Easy Bottle Adapter Plant Watering Stake - Single

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Blumat Easy is a hassle-free way to add some automation to your plant care.  Whether you're taking a short trip, longer vacation, or just want to be a little bit more hands off. The Blumat Bottle Adapter will make sure your plants are continuously and evenly supplied with water during. Blumat Easy is quick and easy to use with most standard plastic bottles. 

The adapter fits almost any standard plastic bottle from 0.5 - 2 litres.

1. Fill bottle with water.
2. Attach adapter to bottle.
3. Pierce a small hole in the bottle.
4. Place the bottle with adapter upside down in the potting soil.
5. Ready! The porous clay cone now releases water slowly and evenly into the soil.

Water delivery Blumat Easy: 0.2 litres / day
Water delivery Blumat Easy XL: 0.3 litres / day

You can also use several Blumat Easy or Easy XL units for particularly thirsty plants or larger planters.

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