Butterfly Pollinator Work Zone Garden Sign

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Great for folks who have a love for the company of plants, birds, and bees and are designed to engage your neighbors and increase attention toward the health, vitality and enjoyment of your outdoor spaces. These signs are designed by an Oregon based artist and made here in the USA. 

Let your friends and neighbors know that you refrain from using pesticides and cultivate flowering plants to promote the critical role of pollinators, and keep the garden safe for children, animals and insects. The Pollinator Work Zone sign reminds us that our outdoor spaces are nature’s work.

This sign features a pair of metallic wings on the monarch, adding an attractive element to the statement being made. Produced using a composite aluminum and polyethylene, and printed with a hard-cured ink, this durable sign will last for years outside and in the weather. It will look great on a stake, fence, shed, barn, or front porch. 

Mounting holes and two screws are provided. A 24" fir wood stake is available.

Size: 9 in. diameter
Material: Aluminum-polyethylene sign panel

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