Womanswork Arm Saver Gloves - Garden of Paradise

Size: Small
Location Small Medium Large
Asheville: 2 3 2
Carrboro: 2 4 5
Charlottesville: 3 0 0
Pittsboro Warehouse: 4 9 6


Womanswork has been independently owned and operated by women for over 30 years.  They prioritize quality, fit, and style and produce some of the best gloves and gardening accessories on the market. 

 The Garden of Paradise design is based on the traditional English countryside cottage garden.  The Arm Saver glove features extra long cuffs that help protect you from scratches, insect bites, harsh UV rays,  and they feature a pull cord to keep dirt out!  The palms showcase a heavy duty reinforced pointer finger and thumb tip.  Summer weight cotton makes up the rest of the glove and helps keep you flexible and cool in the summer.  

Machine washable. 

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