Coast of Maine Indoor Houseplant Mix - 8 quarts

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Asheville: 17
Carrboro: 20
Charlottesville: 13
Pittsboro Warehouse: 264


Coast of Maine was founded in 1996 with a dedication to protecting the planet and sustainable practices Coast of Maine Organic Products has grown since then and now offers some of the more unique and effective organic gardening products around.  

The Organic & Natural Indoor Houseplant Mix is specially formulated for indoor houseplants and flowers to optimize drainage and aeration for robust root development. Whether you are growing peace lilies, spider plants, philodendrons, monsteras, or other popular or exotic houseplants, this unique compost-free blend provides the optimum structure and benefits for nurturing strong, beautiful indoor plants and flowers.


Coarse coconut coir, perlite, sphagnum peat moss, and aged bark.

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