GrowIt Organic Coco Coir Bricks - 3 pack

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Pittsboro Warehouse: 125


Coco coir is a sustainable alternative to peat moss and has some excellent properties as a growing medium.  Coconut coir is great at holding moisture while still providing the ideal amount of aeration for roots.  It is also readily wetted when it becomes dry and does not repel water like peat based growing mediums can.  It works well as both an indoor and outdoor growing medium.  Many indoor gardeners will mix perlite with coco to increase the drainage for heavier feeding crops. Coco coir is also great for amending heavy clay and as a raised bed component.  

These Organic Coco Coir bricks expand to approximately 2–2 1/2 gal of coir each (6-7.5 gal total) when hydrated. 

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