AquaPerk Soil Amendment

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AquaPerk™ soil additive delivers multiple benefits based on a unique, patent pending combination of materials which include the latest generation of biodegradable hydrogels specifically developed for agronomic purposes, and Spent Coffee Grounds (SCGs). AquaPerk is ideal for use with houseplants, container plants, raised beds, established tree and lawn care, greenhouse potting soil, golf course divot mix, tree plantings, landscape installation and renovation, forestry nurseries, and more. In established plantings, it is best applied through injection, such as with AquaJect™ equipment.

AquaPerk Benefits
• Increases soil water holding capacity.
• Delays plant wilting in dry conditions by up to 40%,
reducing watering and irrigation needs.
• Enhances plant growth by making water and nutrients
available longer in the root zone for optimal plant absorption.
• Provides a buffer against inconsistent soil moisture content.
• Creates soil porosity, helps improve air/water balance
in the root zone.

Usage: 1-1.5 tablespoons per gallon of potting soil or 1-1.5 cups per 100 sq feet

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