Neptune's Harvest Tomato & Veggie Fertilizer

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Neptune’s Harvest was established in 1965 and is still independently owned and operated to this day. Their fertilizers are made using fish caught in the North Atlantic and are comprised solely of organic inputs with no synthetic compounds. High in protein and nitrogen, stable, and free from that fishy odor, their products feed your soil so you get healthy plants.

Neptune's Tomato & Veg Formula was designed to be used in conjunction with their Rose & Flowering for a complete two-part feeding program.  The Tomato & Veg component is great for tomatoes, greens, and other plants in their veg stage.  This potent nutrient delivers lush growth, vigorous and healthy roots, increased stem strength, and improved resistance to disease and environmental stressors. 

For best results, follow the guidelines below:
Neptune's Tomato & Veg: Use while the plant is in it's vegetative stage
Neptune's Rose & Flowering: Start using once buds appear

NPK: 2-4-2
Derived from: Fresh fish, molasses, yucca extract, seaweed and humic acids

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