Besgrow Spagmoss Premium Sphagnum Moss

Size: 10 g
Location 10 g 100 g 150 g
Asheville: 11 11 0
Carrboro: 9 4 0
Charlottesville: 4 19 0
Pittsboro Warehouse: 18 45 0


Besgrow's Spagmoss is sustainably harvested from managed wetlands. Their premium SpagMoss is a commercial grade product, S. cristatum, with a length of at least 150mm for 50% of the product. The moss features light browns/cream color with some green tips. It is widely used as a growing medium for a variety of plants.  We often recommend it for orchids, certain carnivorous plants, epiphytes, reptile bedding, and floral arrangements. It can also be used in other mixes in order to increase the moisture retention.  We've also had luck using spagmoss in making our own moss poles for philodendron and other tropicals to climb. 

Available in 10 g, 100g, 150g, and 1 kg sizes. 

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