Dirtcraft Organics Levitation Seedling Mix - 40 qt

Location Qty.
Asheville: 43
Carrboro: 8
Charlottesville: 8
Pittsboro Warehouse: 90


Levitation is a lightweight potting soil engineered for seed starting and growing vigorous starts. It is optimized for greenhouse growers with consistency in mind and an ideal balance of water retention/porosity for big root growth. This biologically inoculated blend is chock full of organic fertilizers and natural soil conditioners for growing healthy transplants with longevity. Double screened for ease of use in small-cell trays.

Ingredients: Coco Coir, Aged Bark Fines, Organic Compost, Rice Hulls, Diatomite, Blood Meal, Kelp Meal, Bone Meal, Gypsum, Mycorrhizae

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