Earth Science Butterfly & Hummingbird Wildflower Seed Mix - 2 lb

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Earth Science's Wildflower Seed Mixes are an efficient and economical way to establish a variety of flowering plants in larger areas or spaces.  Their mixes make brightening your landscape with beautiful flowers a breeze.  Their mixes contain natural annual and perennial wildflower seeds, plant food, mulch, and soil conditioners. When properly established they're designed to bloom throughout the entire season with minimal input. 

The Butterfly and Hummingbird blend is a specific blend of flower species that butterflies and hummingbirds adore!  Including cosmos, zinnias, black-eyed Susan, sweet William, and more!

2 lbs covers 200 sq ft

1. Rake your area to remove debris, leaves, and dead grass.  Your seeds will take better with direct contact with soil. 
2. Evenly and uniformly spread your wildflower mix. Your area should mostly be covered with bare ground still visible. 
3. Your seeds will need regular watering until they're established. Water daily or as you need in order to keep the soil and wildflower seeds moist for the first two weeks.  This step is critical to the successful germination and establishment of your flowers.  

Included Species
Annual Baby's Breath
- Zinnia
- Chinese Forget-Me-Not
- Annual Candytuft
- Shasta Daisy
- Sweet William Pinks
- Cosmos (Sensation Mix)
- Black-Eyed Susan
- Purple Coneflower
- Siberian Wallflower
- Illinois Bundleflower
- Clasping Coneflower
- Purple Prairie Coneflower
- Giant Purple Hyssop
- Bergamot

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