Spicy Salad Mix Sprouting Seeds - 4 oz

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Contents:  4 oz
Days to Maturity: 3-6 days

High Mowing Seeds started in 1996 in Tom Stearns’ backyard and is still independently owned and operated today. They work with a number of sources, including independent organic farmers, to source their diverse offerings.

Sprouts are fun, quick, easy, and take up little to no space! They’re loaded with nutrition that’s easy for your body to absorb and they can really spruce up salads, sandwiches, and more!

Profile: Mildly spicy mix of lentils, alfalfa, red clover, radish, and mustard. 
Soak Time: 6-8 hrs
Sprout Time: 3-6 days
Ideal Sprouting Method: Jar w/Sprouting Lid, Sprouting Tray
Sprouted Yield: 1 tbsp seed:2-3 cups sprouts

High Mowing Seeds offers over 700 varieties of heirloom and hybrid Certified Organic and Non-GMO seeds sourced from farms located all across the country. Their varieties are chosen based on their ability to perform in organic conditions. 

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