AC Infinity Cloudlab 642 Advanced Grow Tent - 2' x 4'

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The Cloudlab line of grow tents allows you to grow most anything you want year-round in the comfort of your home. They work great anywhere in your home, but are often placed in closets, basements, guest rooms, or garages for minimal disturbance. These tents are reinforced by their heavy-duty steel frame construction. Utilizing 22 mm diameter poles allows you to support up to 150 lbs of equipment when hanging from the intersecting points.  Compare this to the standard 18 mm diameter poles in most tents and you'll see just how much more you can safely fit into a Cloudlab. A metallic finish protects the steel poles from long term wear and tear while presenting a clean aesthetic.

Featuring a quick-view observation window, these grow tents utilize a waterproof oxford canvas with a 2000D thickness for increased durability and light-proofing. Cross-patterned diamond mylar covers the surface of the inner walls, which will reflect and maximize the output from your grow light. An inner ribbon stitching creates a seal that lines the zippers inside the grow tent in order to ensure maximum reflectivity and prevent any light leakage.  Also, the duct ports’ double cinching design closes them on either side to further reinforce the light-proof sealing. Accessories include a waterproof floor tray, a built-in tool bag, and a mounting plate to install your controller onto the grow tent.

- Allows you to control the grow environment for your plants
- Durable frame that uses 50% thicker steel poles and holds 2x more weight than many competitors tents
- Highest quality 2000D canvas keeps light in while diamond mylar maximizes light utilization
- Features a controller mounting plate with a no light-leak cable passthrough for any hardware you want outside the tent
- Air venting and floor duct port allow fresh air to enter grow tent. 
- Covered observation window allows you to check inside tent without affecting the climate
- Includes a reflective removable floor tray for easy cleaning and a tool bag
- Dimensions: 48” x 24” x 72”

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