Active Air Premium Ducting

Size: 4 in x 25 ft-DC
Location 4 in x 25 ft-DC
Asheville: 2
Carrboro: 1
Charlottesville: 3
Pittsboro Warehouse: 8


Active Air's Premium Ventilation Ducting is made using a tough 3-ply aluminum foil laminate. It is designed to be used for air-cooling, but it can also be used in various heating and ventilation applications. This ducting is built to resist punctures and tears and will stand up to the rigors of indoor gardening. A single, continuous, and corrosion resistant helix wire is placed in the duct wall for superior structural support. Perfect for the air-cooled reflectors, carbon filters, inline fans, and other implements in your grow room. Each ducting set includes two EZ-Turn ducting clamps. 

Air Pressure: Max 25 mm WG (2500 Pa or 10" WG)
Air Velocity: Max 25 mm/sec (4900 ft/min)

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