Active Aqua Commercial Air Pumps

Size: 6 Outlet-710 GPH
Location 6 Outlet-710 GPH 8 Outlet-1110 GPH-DC
Asheville: 1 2
Carrboro: 2 1
Charlottesville: 1 3
Pittsboro Warehouse: 0 0


Active Aqua's commercial air pump are perfect for running multiple air stones or bucket systems at once. Featuring an electrical magnetic air compressor in a high quality aluminum alloy case that houses wear and tear resistant materials for both the cylinder and piston. Both high pressure and high output, this air pump comes with multi-outlet divider and tubing. They're very quiet with a multi-level muffler and low energy use. A special artificial rubber maintains a steady air flow output and pressure that can be feely adjusted.

Comes with a stainless steel and copper multi-outlet manifold with individually controllable air outlets.

1-Year warranty.

 Outlets L/Min
GPH Wattage Max Amp Max dB
6 45 L/min
700 GPH 20w 0.17 45
8 70 L/min 1110 GPH 60w  0.5 60

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