Active Aqua Black Grow Trays

Size: 4x4 ft
Location 4x4 ft 4x8 ft
Asheville: 0 0
Carrboro: 0 0
Charlottesville: 2 0
Pittsboro Warehouse: 0 0


The Active Aqua line of Black Flood Tables offers a wide range of valuable features that will appeal to any indoor gardener.  These grow trays feature thicker walls and stronger corners than competitor's offerings and at a better value.  They include multi-level drainage ports and a superior grid design in order to promote quick and thorough drainage.  These are truly full-sized grow trays that offer maximized grow area and volume.  

- Multiple drain positions for versatility in setups
- Stronger corners and thicker walls than any others in their class
- Made from durable, high-impact ABS plastic with UV resistance for longevity
- Gradation inside to accurately assess optimal water level
- Rounded corners make cleaning easy

 Size Internal Dimensions (ID) Outside Dimensions (OD)
2' x 2' 24" x 24" x 7.5" 30" x 30" x 7.5"
3' x 3' 36" x 36" x 7.25" 42.25" x 41.75" x 7.25"
4' x 4' 48" x 48" x 7.25" 53.75" x 53.75" x 7.25"

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