Agribon AG-50 1.5oz/ft Frost Row Cover - 14 ft x 14 ft - 2/pk

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Agribon® has been in the business of helping farmers protect crops from low temperatures and pests for over 20 years. Their product is a non-woven spun-bonded polypropylene fabric that has been double-bonded for ultimate durability and strength. Agribon® is also super-light and, due to UV stabilizers, stands up to the sun for multiple seasons. The material allows the passage of light, air, and moisture with ease!

Agribon® floating row cover can be used to extend your growing season, speed up seed germination, increase yields, prevent soil erosion, conserve soil moisture, protect against pests, reduce wind damage, deter birds, and protect against extremes in temperature!

The AG-50 row cover is heavy enough to require a frame or hoops for more delicate plants. Primarily used for frost protection and season extension.


  • 2 pack of 14' x 14' pieces of cover
  • Heavy weight @ 1.5 oz/square yard
  • 50% light transmittance
  • Up to 8˚ frost protection
  • Conserves water
  • Protects against birds/pests
  • Warms the soil to speed germination

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