AgroBrite High Output T5 Fluorescent Fixtures with Lamps - 120v

Size: 2 ft-2 Lamp
Location 2 ft-2 Lamp 4 ft-2 Lamp - DC 2 ft-4 Lamp - DC 4 ft-8 Lamp
Asheville: 0 0 0 0
Carrboro: 2 0 1 1
Charlottesville: 0 0 0 1
Pittsboro Warehouse: 0 0 0 0


The AgroBrite line of High Output T5 fixtures provides the flexibility, output, and performance required in most any growing environment. The ability to hang these fixtures vertically or horizontally allows for basically infinite lighting layouts in your space. When you combine that flexibility with top-quality specular aluminum lining, powder coated steel housing, and a 5-year warranty you get a professional grade fluorescent lighting system.

- Specular aluminum 86% reflective
- Low Profile
- Powder coated steel housing
- Vertical/Horizontal hanging potential
- 8’ grounded 120v cord
- 6400k T5 lamps included
- Frequency: 60Hz
- 5 year warranty on ballast, 1 yr on material & workmanship

2 Foot Fixtures take 26w HO T5 fluorescent bulbs or approved T5 substitutes. 
4 Foot Fixtures take w HO T5 fluorescent bulbs or approved T5 substitutes. 

Fixture Dimensions
2 Foot Fixture-2 Lamps 22.6"L x 7.3"W x 2.8"H 48 w
2 Foot Fixture-4 Lamps 22.6"L x 12.8"W x 2.8"H 96 w
4 Foot Fixture-2 Lamps 50.4"L x 9.7"W x 4.06"H 108w
4 Foot Fixture-4 Lamps 46.2"L x 12.8"W x 2.8"H 216 w
4 Foot Fixture-8 Lamps 46.2"L x 23.9"W x 2.8"H 432w

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