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Anvil's Temperature Controller is designed for home brewing, but actually works great for a variety of other applications. This controller has worked well for us in greenhouses, controlling seedling heat mats, and more.  This unit is very simple to use and can be set up in seconds, just be sure you have it on the correct heat/cool setting for your application. The unique design has an integrated male plug on the back that allows it to be to plugged directly into any 120V wall receptacle greatly reducing cable clutter and eliminating the need to drill holes for mounting. Just plug in your controller, choose your settings, plug your heating/cooling device in, and place your probe! The 9.5 ft long sensor cable will reach anywhere you need. A robust 15A internal relay was chosen for long life and more capacity than the competitors controllers. All this at one low price.

- 120V 15A operation.
- Control temps to +/- 1F.
- Temperature Control Range: 16 - 220F.
- Fahrenheit display.
- Selectable heat and cool modes (not dual stage).
- Plugs into any 120V wall receptacle – no mounting holes needed!
- Reduced cable clutter.
- Plug can be inverted to match your receptacle.
- 9.5 ft sensor cable length.
- 1.5" sensor probe length.

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