Auto Siphon

Title: Mini
Location Mini Regular
Asheville: 3 2
Carrboro: 1 2
Charlottesville: 4 1
Pittsboro Warehouse: 0 0


The Auto-Siphon is an invaluable tool for any home brewer! The ease, convenience, and simplicity with which this tool can be used as compared to other methods makes it a no brainer!  The Auto-Siphon allows you to take samples of your brew, rack and transfer, and bottle your beer, wine, cider, or mead with one simple piece of equipment!

Simply pull out the inner tube with a single stroke in order to create a siphon.  Then push it down to get the flow going.  These units come with an anti-sediment tip so you can leave all that crud behind.  

  • Easy to sanitize
  • Features a tight seal for leak free operation
  • Doubles as a thief for taking samples of your beverage!
  • Reduces transfer times and chances of contamination
 Model Tubing Size Fermentor Size
3/8" Mini 5/16" ID 1 gallon jugs & 2 gallon buckets
3/8" Regular 5/16" ID 3+ gallon carboys &  buckets
1/2" Large 1/2" ID
3+ gallon carboys &  buckets, FASTER


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