Franco-Belges Belgian Pale Malt

Size: lb
Location lb 55 lb oz
Asheville: 20 0 10
Carrboro: 0 0 4
Charlottesville: 38 0 8
Pittsboro Warehouse: 0 2 0


The Malteries Franco-Belges is a sub-division of the Soufflet Group, one of Europe’s leading malt and grain companies and the largest maltster in France. They carefully select barley varietals that are ideal for brewing purposes and strive to preserve the nature of each throughout the malting process. Franco-Belges oversees the entire malting cycle, from seed selection to delivery to the brew houses of Europe! Only premium, highly modified, French spring and winter 2-row barley are used in the malting process.
Franco-Belges Pale malt is very low in protein content due to the degree of modification, so you don’t have to worry about a protein rest. This 2-row base malt carries a little bit more color with it than others and has an excellent extract potential. There will be a clean malt contribution and very refined base malt character present in the flavor. This malt is perfect for a wide variety of Belgian styles and is almost necessary for the production of Belgian Ales, Pale Ales, and other traditional styles. Typically used at 80-100% of the grain bill and can be used with a single-infusion mash.

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