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Rice hulls have a wide variety of uses and are often in employed in both the brewing and gardening industries for various purposes. 

Rice hulls are commonly used as filtering medium and mashing aid in all-grain brewing and are especially valuable in brews that utilize larger volumes of wheat, oats, or rye. The hulls help prevent a stuck mash by increasing efficient flow through the grain bed in the lauter tun.  Rice hulls also prevent channeling when draining your mash and reduce hot spots.  They contribute no color, flavor, gravity, or any other detectable impact on your brew.

Rice hulls are an all-natural and sustainable byproduct of the rice industry and accomplishes in gardening what it does in brewing. Avoiding soil compaction is just as important as avoiding compaction in brewing and rice hulls can help here too!  Rice hulls are a natural, renewable, sustainable, and biodegradable alternative to perlite and other soil inputs intended to increase aeration and drainage in your soil mix.  Rice hulls also contain elevated levels of silica that they release into the soil as they break down.  Plants can use silica to build stronger stems and to thicken cell walls which can reduce insect pressures.  

Rice hulls.....what can't they do!

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