Weyermann CaraRed Malt

Size: lb
Location lb oz
Asheville: 5 8
Carrboro: 0 0
Charlottesville: 6 4
Pittsboro Warehouse: 5 0


CaraRed makes for an excellent specialty grain given the specific color it imparts and targeted aromatic and flavor contribution. True to its name, CaraRed will impart a deep reddish hue to any beer that features it amply. This caramel malt will also contribute unfermentable compounds that will remain in the beer as body and promote head formation and retention. You should also expect CaraRed to contribute some toasty and malty aromatics that may be reminiscent of biscuits/bread or honey. Feel free to use this malt at up to 25% of your grain bill but keep it in the 1-10% if you don’t want it to dominate your beer.

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