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The Bee's Wrap® Assortment pack is a great way to start off with a nice assortment of various Bee's Wrap sizes! Cover all your bases (literally!) with the small, medium, and large wraps!  Take care of cheeses, fruit, leftovers, breads, and more! 

Simply rely on the warmth of your hands to soften the wrap and once it cools it will hold its shape.  

Bee's Wrap® is a certified B Corp and Green American Company. Their vegan products are 100% reusable and made of candelilla wax, organic cotton, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin.  All you have to do is wash them in COOL water with a mild soap and allow them to air dry.  

3-Pack Assortment Includes

  • 1x Small Wrap - 7" x 8" (17.5cm x 20cm) great for lemons, avocados, or other small items!
  • 1x Medium Wrap - 10" x 11" (25cm x 27.5cm) store cheeses, carrots, herbs, or medium bowls
  • 1x Large Wrap - 13" x 14" (33cm x 35cm) easily wrap part of a melon, greens, baked goods, or a large bowl.

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