BioAg Ful-Power Organic Fulvic Acid

Size: qt
Location qt gal
Asheville: 2 1
Carrboro: 2 2
Charlottesville: 2 1
Pittsboro Warehouse: 1 5


BioAg produces a certified organic fulvic acid that is grower preferred due to its ease of use, chelating action, and the fact that it's immediately bio-available. Purified by a unique biological processing method, Ful-Power® is a top-grade fulvic acid that is compatible in with all growing systems and all pH ranges. It is perfect for foliar feeding and helps increase efficacy of other compounds. You should also be using it with your clones and cuttings, bare-root dipping, and seed soaking.  Very valuable in hydroponic systems as a means of bio-stimulation. 

Fulvic Acid Benefits:
- Increase growth and yield
- Produce stable organic matter
- Stimulates microbial colonies
- Assists in germination
- Helps plants build resistance and immunity
- Relieves environmental stressors
- And More!

Derived from: Cretaceous Period freshwater humic substances

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