Black Gold African Violet Mix - 8 qt

Location Qty.
Asheville: 8
Carrboro: 3
Charlottesville: 6
Pittsboro Warehouse: 24


Black Gold African Violet Mix is a well through out blend designed to perfectly balance drainage and nutrient retention for your violets. We all know how finicky African Violets can be if they're placed in an improper soil blend. Too much moisture retention and your Violet will wilt, perform poorly, fail to bloom, and otherwise disappoint. Too much drainage and you're watering every time you turn around and your plant is too stressed to bloom.

Black Gold relies on a blend of Canadian Spaghnum Moss, Perlite, and a blend of other materials to ensure that the soil lets the appropriate amount of water pass through while retaining some moisture and air.

Label and data sheet.

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