Haws Handy .5 Liter Watering Can - Assorted Colors

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Asheville: 1
Carrboro: 5
Charlottesville: 2
Pittsboro Warehouse: 0


The Haws Handy Plastic Watering can is one of our favorite designs yet!  These watering cans are simple to fill, simple to use, and come with a couple of simple yet handy features.  Each can includes a brass and plastic detachable spray head that snaps onto the body of the watering can itself. This makes it easy to switch between a stream and gentle rain without risking the loss of the sprayer head itself.  Also, this unit features a wide and raised opening for filling.  This makes it easier to fill without spills and reduces the chances of splashes once it is full.  Lastly, a long and slender spout makes reaching all of your plants a breeze. Even the ones in the back. 

Capacity is .5 liter
12 inches x 5 inches

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