Brown's Fish Hydrolysate Organic Fish Fertilizer

Size: qt
Location qt gal 5 gal
Asheville: 10 6 1
Carrboro: 0 3 0
Charlottesville: 2 2 0
Pittsboro Warehouse: 0 6 0


Brown’s Organic Fish Fertilizers are produced in the mountains of western North Carolina. Their products are made using only the freshest fish found in our cool, crisp mountain streams. Over the past few years C.R. Brown Enterprises has worked very hard to perfect their organic hydrolysate product for both organic and conventional growers. 

Fish fertilizers are a great source of nitrogen, phosphorus, and complex proteins that feed soil microbes.  They also last longer in the soil due to being more complex than synthetic fertilizers and they won't burn your plants like the commercial stuff.  Brown's Fish Fertilizer can be used as a soil nutrient or a foliar feed.  It also makes a great compost enhancer!

NPK: 2-3-1
Ingredients: Rainbow trout, phosphoric acid, and sulfate of potash

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