Canna Coco Coir Brick - 40 ltr

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Asheville: 10
Carrboro: 7
Charlottesville: 6
Pittsboro Warehouse: 20


The Canna Coco block is produced using the same top quality coco as their renowned loose fill 50 ltr bag. This means you're still getting the highest quality coco on the market. It has been buffered and washed, sterilized without steam, and RHP certified for horticulture. The buffering process allows Canna to “pre-program” the medium to a certain age. This ensures the customer receives the same consistent, high quality medium time after time. The composition of coco components blended together offers the best water-air ratio.

The Canna Coco Brick's specially designed hole causes the medium to expand faster than you have ever seen before. The packaging used with each brick is actually a bag in designed to soak and expand the coco. On top of that, the bag also has grip handles which makes it very easy to carry the prepared coco to your pots, bags, beds or wherever you want it to go. One Coco Brick yields 20 liter of coco. The fracture line makes it very easy to break the brick in two equal parts of 10 liter if smaller portions are desired. Due to the compact nature of the brick it is very easy to store and transport. Also, Coco is suitable for re-use in future grows, soil mixes, or as a soil amendment. 

- Expands extremely fast
- Washed and Buffered
- Sterilized without steam
- RHP Certified
- Able to be reused
- Easy to use & transport

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