Canna Terra Flores

Size: ltr
Location ltr 5 ltr-DC
Asheville: 2 0
Carrboro: 2 1
Charlottesville: 3 0
Pittsboro Warehouse: 0 0


CANNA TERRA nutrients were specially developed for growing plants in pre-fertilized soil and soilless growing medium. It is not formulated for use with hydroponics or aquaponics. CANNA TERRA can be used for cultivating in both containers & beds, indoor & outdoor. The Vega and Flores nutrients are designed to be used as one part nutrients for the vegetative and flowering stages. 

Advantages of CANNA Terra Flores

  • CANNA Terra Flores is easy to use, dissolves easily and is extremely suitable for growing with automatic ”run to waste” irrigation systems
  • The tendency of soil to bind nutritional ions is compensated for by the preparation methods used for Terra Flores
  • Terra Flores is excellent in encouraging fruit formation and contains all the nutritional elements that the plants need during flowering
  • It contains the right amounts of potassium and phosphorous to fulfill the plants needs during the flowering stage.

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