CO2 - Gas Only

Size: 5 lb
Location 2.5 lb 5 lb 10 lb 20 lb
Asheville: 0 10 0 17
Carrboro: 0 7 1 5
Charlottesville: 0 9 0 0
Pittsboro Warehouse: 0 0 0 0


This listing is for the CO2 only and should only be purchased for In-Store Pickup orders wherein you have an empty CO2 tank of the same size to exchange for a full tank.  We are unable to fill tanks on site

Fifth Season Gardening Co only performs CO2 tank exchanges wherein we are able to exchange a full CO2 tank for an empty CO2 tank of the same size.  We do not fill CO2 tanks on site.  If you need to purchase a full CO2 tank then please add both this Gas Only item and the corresponding Empty Tank Purchase of the same size to your cart.  

NOTE: We are unable to ship full CO2 tanks for HAZMAT reasons.  

Food Grade CO2 appropriate for carbonating beverages, grow rooms, and more!

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